Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take Part :: Special Earth Day Post

Often I find myself stuck.  Stuck in wanting to help all of the people in the world who need it and not having the financial ability to do it.  Stuck in not knowing what Charities are out there and which ones are credible and will actually help.  Stuck in wanting to help, but not knowing how and not being able to do a lot. is an independent online community that connects it's members directly to the issues that inspire them to engage, contribute and take action. Through the Members Project, American Express is providing funding to charities, focusing on 5 different areas; Arts & Culture, Community Development, Education, Environment & Wildlife and Health & Wellness.

By joining you will have opportunities to make a difference and to show your passion, in small steps. (That for me is the big part, SMALL STEPS!) 
  • Whether it’s voting for a favorite charity to receive funding from American Express, volunteering time, donating, or telling friends, everyone can take a small step with Members Project and start making a difference.
  • Volunteer at charities that American Express helps you find and get Membership Rewards® points for doing so.
  • Vote once per week for the causes American Express should fund.  Members Project is donating $200K to five causes every three months.  This quarter's voting ends May 24, 2010.
  • Donate money or Membership Rewards® points to one of each voting period’s 50 selected charities, or choose from over 1 million other charities.
  • Share your involvement with the program to inspire and encourage others to participate. 
Not too hard huh?  I went over and joined.  I am so excited to see how easy it is to find volunteer opportunities in my area.  We love to take our kids and regularly volunteer to help better our community.  It gives them a better sense of ownership for where they live.

We choose a charity every month where we either donate, or do something for as a family.  This month it is the Food Pantry, next month it will be up to the kids.  But, our little bit we can donate only goes so far.  By voting for a worthy Charity to receive the money, I feel like I am really part of something bigger and doing something more.

It really is that easy.  I hope that on this Earth Day, you will take the first step at doing something for our World.  Go over, check it out, join, find volunteer opportunities in your area.  Then come back here and let me know what you think.

When we all work together, we can do amazing things.

This is a post supporting the Members Project, TakePart.Com and AMEX through the One2One Network.  By posting this I am eligible to win a gift card.  However, I would have written about this with no incentive at all because it is just that cool.

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