Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Cake Bake Shop Review

In November when I realized I would be going gluten free, I thought it was the end of bread, brownies, cookies, cake...all the things I really LOVE.  Even if I could find a recipe to make these things, 1. there was no guarantee they'd be any good and 2. sometimes you want a giant chocolate chip cookie right now and just don't have time to make it.  My impulse buying for sure was going to have to come to an end or I would be paying for it with my health.

I had accepted my fate and even found a brownie recipe I liked.  And then I got an email from my friend Elise telling me that her cousin was getting ready to open a gluten free bakery in Kaysville, UT.  I live about an hour away from Kaysville, but that is where my brother and sister and their families live.  It is also where Emma is buried, so I get down there at least once a month.  I was so excited!  Then she asked if I'd like to come and sample some goodies and review the shop.  Uh, YEAH!

I pulled up on Saturday morning at 11, right when the shop opens.  I decided to lay low for a minute while I waited for Elise to arrive.  Upon entering the shop I was struck with how homey it feels.

This small shop sports a large display case, which was filling up quickly with many baked goods.

There is a bakers rack with gift boxes and flour mixes.  Yes, you read that right, flour mixes.  You can buy the flour mixture to make your own goodies.  If you have ever had to eat gluten-free, you know what a big deal this is.  Gone are the days of measuring out your cup of all purpose or whole wheat flour.  Most recipes call for at least three different flours, often more than that.  And, the flours are not the common kind of flours you think of.  Instead it is Almond Meal, Teff Flour, Sweet Rice Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Millet Flour...the list goes on.

I digress...back to the shop.  I went in and there were several customers there waiting for the case to finish filling up.  I could see the girls working in the back busy trying to get trays ready for the customers.  One sweet couple drove an hour and a half just to get some goodies.  The lady was so sweet and just couldn't believe these treats wouldn't make her sick.  She had never tasted anything gluten free that was so delicious.


If those photos don't entice you, how about this?  There were people there who don't need to eat gluten free, but CHOOSE to go to Sweet Cake Bake Shop because it is just that good.  The chocolate lava cake (pictured above) was my treat for the evening of games with my family.  Oh it was divine, seriously.

I also bought some chocolate chip cookies (HEAVEN), a red velvet cupcake, a chocolate cupcake, a peanut butter bar, a brownie, a package of day old blondies and day old mint brownies.

I was beyond thrilled with everything there.  The prices are great too!  $2.25 for a cupcake, $4.95 for a mini bundt cake (totally worth it!) $2.00 for any brownies or bars and $1.75 for a cookie.

That's not all they do though.  If you are gluten free like me, you might just miss bread.  Every Monday the shop is closed and they make 50 loaves of bread.  With 4 different varieties of bread, you have options!  They make Honey White, Honey Oatmeal, Sweet Sorghum and Cinnamon Raisin.  All bread orders are special order only and the orders are out a couple of weeks at least.  At $7.95 a loaf it is a bit more pricey than I would like, but for a special occasion, I could totally swing it.

If my glowing review isn't enough, why not ask my counterpart who was with me?


"Don't tell me I can't have any more!"

Yay!!  Mama said I can have a cookie!

So, for those of us who can not have gluten, there is a great new option!  Sweet Cake Bake Shop!  Located in Kaysville, UT it is easily accessible to those who live on the Wasatch Front.  If you don't live in Utah but still want to try the goodies, why not order online?  I promise, you won't regret it!