Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busytown Mysteries, it's a HIT!

Recently the One2One Network sent me a copy of two episodes in the new series, Busytown Mysteries.  These cartoons are based on Richard Scarry's Busytown Books.  I was so excited because I loved these books as a child, and my children love them now!

Now, my children don't watch much TV at all.  Really, it is pretty rare that I let them watch anything at all, and when they do I want to be sure it is educational.  This definitely fits the bill.

Each program is made up of two 11 minute segments and follow the lives of the most beloved Scarry characters, Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm, as they solve many everyday mysteries of Busytown.  Where is Mr. Frubmle's pickle car?  The Busytown kids will find out!  How can they help a lost parrot find it's owner?  Leave it to Huckle and friends to solve the case!  Busytown Mysteries engages children with fun storylines nad loveable characters, while introducing them to deductive reasoning skills.  Who?What?Where?When?Why?How?

Not only is this a great program, but it is something I don't mind letting my kiddos watch.  It is on Saturday mornings, and you can be sure my two were up early wanting to watch Huckle and his pals!  You can go here to find out when it is showing where you live.

Not only can you watch the programs on Saturday morning, but they have a fun interactive website for the kiddos also.

Don't just take my word for it though, listen to my kids!  When I asked them what they thought of it here were their responses.
Seth: It's double thumbs up! (that's as high a compliment you can get from him!)
Amelia: I like when they go to the library and I like the dragon, the dragon part is cool Mom.

So there you have it folks, awesome new shows on CBS Saturday Mornings! 

Enjoy, and you're welcome ;)

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  1. I hadn't heard of these, but omgoodness, my kids would love these! TV is the rare treat around here too, but they adore the Richard Scarry books. May have to set the DVR for this. Thanks for sharing!


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